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It’s a Train
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What is Lack Wood?

On the pages of this site you’ll find some of my favorite wood projects. Some are ideas my Dad came up with many years ago, like the Train Whistle, while others are things I’ve designed recently. But everyone of them is something I have enjoyed building at some time in the last ten years. And I hope you will too!

And that’s why I’ve taken the time to convert my plans into electronic files which I can share on the internet. And the reason I decided to charge for them is it takes some time to create these files and I have a bunch of them that I may eventually get up here. The money is meant to be my incentive, so if there is an interest, I will continue to put in the time and you’ll see this site grow. Otherwise, it was a learning experience!

Scroll Saw Patterns

Electronic Plans?

All the plans are in Adobe Acrobat format. In case you’re not familiar with Acrobat, it is a file format which is readable and printable on most computer systems. If you’re able to read this page you should be able to download and print my plans! But you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (not Ebook Reader) installed on your computer. You can do this by going to Adobe.com and following the links for your particular computer sytem. It’s simple and its free!

Payment Options?

All payments must be made through PayPal. If you’re not familiar with PayPal it is an on line payment service first designed to aid buyers and sellers on EBAY. PayPal handles all my secure transactions so no matter what your choice of payment method you can feel safe giving your personal information. If you’d like to learn more about PayPal click here.

You don’t need a PayPal account to shop on my site. Once you fill your shopping cart and click the “PayNow” button, PayPal will lead you through a simple payment process. It’s easy and I think you will find it useful for future shopping!