Customer Support

Customer Support

If you can’t find an answer to your question in our FAQs please feel free to email me at, I will respond as qucikly as possible.

Return/Cancelation Policy

Since our plans are distributed solely as electronic files we can not accept returns nor give refunds. We have a sample file available for you to download and view to be sure of the compatibility and quality of our product.

We will work with our customers that may experience any downloading or compatibility issues until you are satisfied.

Shipping Policy

All our plans are delivered as electronic, Adobe Acrobat (see the link below for Adobe Acrobat Reader), files only. Once your purchase has been completed and payment made, a link will take you to a page which contains instructions for you to download your purchased plans.

These links will remain on your page for approximately 3 days from the time of your purchase. But we recommend you download and back up your files immediately.

Scroll Saw Patterns

Electronic Plans?

All the plans are in Adobe Acrobat format. In case you’re not familiar with Acrobat, it is a file format which is readable and printable on most computer systems. If you’re able to read this page you should be able to download and print my plans! But you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (not Ebook Reader) installed on your computer. You can do this by going to and following the links for your particular computer sytem. It’s simple and its free!

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Acrobat Reader, use the link below to download our Basic whistle plans. They are free and a good way to test your new software. All other downloadable plans on my site are in the same Adobe Acrobat format.

Wood Plans Patternsbasic_whistle.pdf – 84 k The Basic Whistle Plans are plans to make a complete, simple, wooden whistle. They shoulld also be downloaded for instructions to tune wooden whistles along with any other whistle plans purchased from our site.

Download Your Plans

After you make your purchase from you will be directed to a page which will contain links to your purchased plans like the sample above. You may then download your plans as below:

Windows users right click the link above and select save target as. . . to save the file to your desktop. Simply clicking the link will cause the file to open in your browser without keeping a copy for your future use.

Mac users control click and select Download Linked File As. . . to save the file to your desktop. Simply clicking the link will cause the file to open in your browser without keeping a copy for your future use.

Check Your Plans

Once you’ve downloaded the file find it on your desktop (or whereever you chose to save it) and open it to makes sure it has downloaded properly. You may also wish to print it just to be sure.

Backup Your Plans

We highly recommend that you immediately make a copy of your files to another computer, hard drive, floppy drive or CD-ROM. This will ensure you have your plans for many years to come.